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The three big trends? Cloud computing, mobility, and “big data.”

Through the lens of next-generation IT, think of cloud computing as being about trends in computer architectures, how applications are loaded onto those systems and made to do useful work, how servers communicate with each other and with the outside world, and how administrators manage and provide access. This trend also encompasses all the infrastructure and “plumbing” that makes it possible to effectively coordinate data centers full of systems increasingly working as a unified compute resource as opposed to islands of specialized capacity.

Cloud computing in this sense embodies all the big changes in back-end computation. Many of these relate to Moore’s Law, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore’s 1965 observation that the number of transistors it’s economically possible to build into an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. This exponential increase in the density of the switches at the heart of all computer logic has led to corresponding increases in computational power. (Although the specific ways that transistors get turned into performance has shifted over time.)

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