A New Era of IT Service

The I.T. crew is a service driven team dedicated to providing the San Antonio market with IT support faster and with less “down-time” than our competitors. Our focus is on supporting our brothers and sisters in the Alamo city. Unlike some of the competition we do not charge annually and do not require any long term contracts in order to get the highest tier of support. Our managed service provider agreements structured on a month-to-month basis in order to provide the highest levels of dedicated support at the lowest rates possible. The I.T. crew operates in this way because we understand you can go anywhere for IT support and work hard to exceed your expectations daily. We know that the bust support comes with familiarity and trust, so each business is assigned a primary and secondary engineer in order to ensure expedient, proficient service every time. We take the time to learn the needs of each and every one of our clients in order to provide the personal level of managed service that sets us apart from other IT companies.

Security Audits

How secure is your business? If your business went down or was victim or ransomware, would you be able to recover?

Help Desk Services

We are there for your business 24/7. We can remote support or dispatch a technician to your business. 

Proactive Support

We will monitor your servers, your desktop computers, your laptops, anything you have that is crucial to your business.


Security Solutions & Services

We know this industry inside and out. We know it can be frustrating to “get a hold of the IT guy” Or They just dont know what they are doing?!?!?! We follow through and fix things right the first time. No hidden fees everything up front. Look we know we would not like it done to us so we dont do it to you!

Lets be real viruses will happen. We are not machines, we will make mistakes. With the proper steps in place we can have your business secured and back up in a reasonable amount of time. It does not have to be a huge investment either. Couple right things put in place can make all the difference in the world. Let us do a free consultation for you. Call us schedule it today!


What We Offer

We offer a full service IT company for a fraction of the cost of having an in house IT company. Oh, You also have a dedicated technician! No more calling what’s his name or the IT guy. Although all of our staff will be available to help you with anything you need just in case your IT Guy is a little tied up!

Security Analysis

Yep you keep seeing SECURITY all over the place. Why? Because you don’t want to know what happens if you are not protected and there is a hack or virus on the loose.

Cloud Backup Services

As an extra form of security we will throw all your data up in the cloud. Everything will be held and updated hourly and daily. Just in case the is a random act of god and your important equipment get flooded or end up in a fire. 

Security Solutions

We will make a list and check it twice. Our job gets really easy when we secure your office or facilty. We get it running smoother than its ever been. No more slow computers, no more waiting for the IT guy to come in next Tuesday. 

Take advantage of our various plans that fit your business

Now and days everything is a subscription. You might want the movies but not the sports. Or you might want the dinner boxes with more meat than vegetables. For those wondering.. “do you do that?” Damn right we do.  You can customize, you can choose one already put together or have us reccomend one! 

All Plans come with 24/7 Monitoring

Catch outages, catch viruses minimize any downtime if at all possible.. remember we are still human. Thats why we also have various forms of backups and are always ready for something!

Anti-Virus and Anti- Malware

This is standard with any plan 1 year bonafid protection. If you are paticular with a certain virus protection we can work with whatver you have. If not toss it and start over!

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